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Gambling is not
about the
money, it's
about how it
makes you feel.

76% of gamblers
are diagnosed with
a major depressive
Assessment and
Treatment Program
Live chat by Boldchat
Live chat by Boldchat
Welcome to the San Diego Center for Pathological Gambling's e-therapy Chatroom.
At your pre-arranged session time, please click on the
Chat Button displayed below.
new visitor key on your keyboard. This process is repeated for the duration of your
session as you and the therapist exchange dialogue.

For general questions, the chatroom will be open during the hours of  10:00 AM to
12:00 Noon Pacific (Standard or Daylight) Time, Sunday through Thursday. Please
note that the chatroom may be unavailable due to a prearranged session time with a
patient. Dr. Pike is also available by email for information and consultation. See
address below.
For treatment information, contact

Dr. Suzanne Graupner Pike, Ph.D, CCGC-II
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY16492)
California Certified Gambling Counselor-II (CCGC #122)


Telephone: 1-619-806-7453