Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation - An individual's level of problem gambling is
assessed using the South Oaks Foundation Gambling Screen (SOGS) and other
gambling assessment instruments as indicated. A thorough mental health and
substance abuse examination is conducted including depression diagnostic

Individualized Outpatient Treatment Services -  All treatment is individualized
according to a defined treatment plan and is conducted using a cognitive-behavioral,
evidence-based treatment approach within a relapse prevention framework to
address financial issues, self-care, relationship issues in addition to gambling

Psycho-Educational Group - Spouses, significant others and family members of
gamblers are included in the treatment process from the beginning. A specialized
pyscho-educational group for codependent family members provides loved ones
with information, tools and boundaries to help support recovering gamblers.

Family Therapy - A whole-system treatment approach is adopted to return the
gambler and his/her family to a healthy and balanced state. Treatment options are
available for an individual, couple or family group, on an as-needed basis.

Consultation, Community Education and Speaker's Service - Lectures, interviews,
private consultations, and educational presentations are warmly accepted.
Gambling-related issues can be tailored to your group's specific needs. No
speaking engagement is too large or small.

Expert Court Testimony - Dr. Pike is qualified as an expert witness of pathological
gambling in court testimony serving both local and federal legal systems. She has
experience with both civil and criminal cases. Consultation and deposition services
are upon request.
For treatment information, contact

Dr. Suzanne Graupner Pike, Ph.D, CCGC-II
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY16492)
California Certified Gambling Counselor-II (CCGC #122)


Phone: 619-806-7453
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"One out of
twenty people
will develop a

For each of
these twenty
gamblers, eight
to ten other
people around
affected. "

"One gambler
will commit
suicide every
two weeks."
Assessment and
Treatment Program
Offering Outpatient Assessment and treatment