Online Counseling
Help For Your Gambling Problem Is Easier Than Ever!
The San Diego Center for Pathological Gambling offers e-therapy
sessions online through
SKYPE as an alternative for those who do not live
in San Diego, California. This service is available to all U.S. citizens
nationwide. Online security and  confidentiality are assured.
This service
is currently not available for international patients
. Payment for sessions
are in U.S. dollars through our PayPal service. Online counseling is
conducted in english.

Why waste your valuable time and
money by traveling long distances to San Diego when you can enjoy
receiving the treatment you need from the comfort of your own home?
SDCPG makes it easy for you to get the help you so desperately need by
using online counseling. Each
SKYPE session lasts approximately one

When seeking assistance or advice for a gambling problem online, it is
important to understand the limitations. Because of the nature of this type
of therapy, online counseling cannot be as intensive or in-depth as
traditional office therapy. However,the SDCPG is aware of these
limitations and uses extra care and diligence when providing online
counseling services.

The actual online counseling process consists of a two-way discussion
that occurs in real-time between the patient and Dr. Pike via
Once pre-payment for a session has been received through PayPal, each
patient is directed to complete an online questionnaire in the Essential
Forms section of this website.Once submitted, Dr. Pike will respond using
the patients's email, and a mutually- convenient session time online will
be arranged.

Our Commitment to Privacy
Your privacy is guaranteed. All information stays between you and the
San Diego Center for Pathological Gambling. At no time is any
information, obtained either from therapy or through online forms the
patient is required to fill out, made available to third parties, except
when required by law - see Terms and Conditions on the Essential Forms
webpage. Information from the questionnaire is used to create therapy
analysis and advice. This information is NOT stored on any Web Server. A
patient's email address is used for initial contact and session
arrangement only. Such addresses are not used for any other purpose
and are not disclosed or shared with outside parties.

ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED?  Just click on the Arrange A Session
button in the upper left menu and you'll be on your way. Follow the
simple instructions and you'll be talking to Dr. Pike in no time!

Emergency Crisis - PLEASE READ
This online counseling service is NOT an appropriate venue for those who
are contemplating suicide. If you are experiencing serious suicidal
thoughts, please stop now and call your local suicide hotline, call 911, or
go directly to your local hospital emergency room. This service is not
intended for individuals who are actively thinking of harming themselves
or are suffering from a severe mental/emotional disorder. This service is
also not intended for use by minors (under 18 years of age).

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recovery works.
Assessment and
Treatment Program
For treatment information, contact

Dr. Suzanne Graupner Pike, Ph.D, CCGC-II
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY #16492)
California Certified Gambling Counselor-II (CCGC #122)


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