What is Pathological Gambling?
Pathological gambling is a progressively chronic disorder that results in an
uncontrollable impulse to gamble. It has the highest suicide rate of all psychiatric
disorders. Compulsive gamblers often suffer from symptoms that include depression,
irritability, alcohol and/or drug use, family and work neglect, and increased anxiety
over financial difficulties that sometimes border on bankruptcy. Psychologically
similar to alcohol and substance addictions, pathological gambling affects the entire
family. It is, however, a diagnosable and treatable condition. Southern California has
seen an upsurge in the number of Indian gaming casinos, and as the popularity of
these facilities increase, so does the number of potential individuals who will
experience gambling-related problems. Many of these people have few options for
getting help.

What is the San Diego Center for Pathological Gambling (SDCPG)?
Legalized gambling in California, and indeed the nation, provides a ripe environment
for addictive behavior, and Dr. Suzanne Pike recognizes the great need for an
outpatient facility for problem gamblers and their families. The San Diego Center for
Pathological Gambling was established in 2003 to offer gambling-specific treatment
services to those in need. It is the first and only of its kind in Southern California.
Located in California in San Diego County, the SDCPG offers a relaxed and casual
environment for individual and family therapy sessions. With the addition of online
and telephone therapy, services have now been extended beyond the confines of
Southern California - offering unprecedented help to problem gamblers far and wide.
The strictest of confidentiality is always assured.
Health insurances such as Blue
Cross, Blue Shield, (UBH) United Behavioral Health, CIGNA, AETNA and
others are accepted.
She is also a TriCare provider. Don't have insurance?
Dr. Pike also accepts an out-of-pocket, sliding scale fee. Online counseling,
chatroom and telephone therapy may not involve insurance. Patients using these
services may pre-purchase individual sessions using
PayPal  through this website
before therapy begins.
For Treatment Information Contact

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY #16492)
California Certified Gambling Counselor-II (CCGC#122)

EMAIL: spikephd@sandiego-rx4gambling.com
Phone:  619-806-7453


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The Gambler's

The false belief
that if you gamble
long enough, you
will eventually win
it all back.

"Today is my
lucky day, just
one more
Assessment and
Treatment Program
Dr. Suzanne Graupner Pike, Ph.D., CCGC-II
Dr. Pike has over 30 years of experience treating
addictions including pathological gambling, drug
and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and internet
and social media problems. She is a California
Certified Gambling Counselor-II and has extensive
experience treating a wide range of problems
including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders.
She is also qualified as an expert witness of
pathological gambling in court testimony serving
both local and federal legal systems. She has
experience with both civil and criminal cases.
B.A., Psychology and Sociology, University of Evansville; M.A., Clinical
Psychology, Ball State University; Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Temple
University; Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY
#16492); California Certified
Gambling Counselor-II (CCGC #122)
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